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     Can Clay manufactures long lasting vitrified clay pipe & structural materials to world class standards for the construction and utility industry,
Our quality and high performance designs are illustrated by successful projects in
Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Industry News
New Denlok Joint
ISO 9001:2008
Record Jacking Pipe

2013  New exports to SoutheastSingapore Denlok Pipe Asia, eastern Europe and the Middle Eastern countries illustrates Can Clay jacking pipe's acceptance in international markets to the EN 295-7 manufacturing standards in sizes up to DN00 (36").

May 2013  TUV tests and certifies Can Clay jacking pipes up to DN900 (36") meets EN 295-7 requirements and again verifying PUB (Singapore) crushing strength requirements of Class 160 exceeded by DN800 jacking pipe tests exceed.

Loading DN800 for Singapore2011 - 2102 Can Clay delivers DN800 (32") to Singapore Jalan Bahar Project. The project selected 32" Denlok jacking pipe for microtunneling to exacting PUB requirements for highest crushing strengths.

NoDig Paper Atlanta Project2008 - October   -   Project of the Year - Honorable Mention, New Construction
Atlanta Greensferry, McDaniel and Stockade sewer separation projects
Ruby Collins Reynolds JV, General; Westcon, microtunneling subcontractor
Using 8" through 42" Denlok jacking pipes.
World record drive length for 24" microtunneling at 750 ln ft.
World record for installing 18" pipe on line and grade in 50,000 psi rock.
2008 - September   -   Project of the Year announced by California WEA for the UNWI-9 project in Sacramento, CA. The project selected 24" and 36" Denlok jacking pipe for microtunneling at depths to 68 ft and under water heads of 45 ft. Denlok's 29 psi (70 ft water head) joints and high jacking strength assisted the general contractor, Rados, Inc. and subcontractor Vadnais Corp. in complete long drives in deep conditons. Numerous drive lengths of over 800 ln ft were achieved with some in excess of 900 ln ft with 36" Denlok. A total of 28,000 ln ft of microtunneling makes the project one of the largest microtunneling tunneling projects in North America. Additionally, Gladding McBean of Lincoln, CA supplied 5,000 ln ft of open trench pipe installed to depths of 38 ft.
2008 - February     -   "On Grade in Granite" - a new trenchless record for new installation. Trenchless Technology Magazine article - 18" Denlok jacking pipe was installed by pilot tube microtunneling in 50,000+ psi granite on line and grade.
2007 - July   -   "Westcon Microtunneling Completes Record Microtunneling Drive"   -   Trenchless Technology Magazine article   -  750 ln ft of 24" X 8 ft Denlok jacking pipe is used to complete world record drive in 24" pipe size.  To accommodate the schedule of an elementary school, the contractor decides to eliminate a shaft. After consultation by the contractor, Can Clay's review of maximum expected jacking loads of +400 tons is critical to success of the drive which originally was designed as two drives. The 1008 ton jacking capacity of 24" Denlok allowed for the successful redesign and completion of the world record drive.
NoDig 2006, CanClay recognized for its "significant contribution to the trenchless industry"

Mark Bruce named 2006 "Trenchless Person of the Year"   

                Click here for full article

Prison Pipe Bursting, Texas Department of Criminal Justice uses Can Clay Denlok for rehabilitation of sanitary sewer system. Laughlin Thyssen projects 25,000 ln ft of pipe bursting as part of the project.
 Can Clay Corporate President, Mark Bruce is named as a Board Member of the North American Society for Trenchless Technology at January, 2000 meeting in Houston, Texas.

 Can Clay's President, Mark Bruce, completes term as the founding President of the Midwest Society for Trenchless Technology.

 Wichita Project largest ever for Can Clay,  BRH Garver has selected Can Clay's Denlok jacking pipe for nearly 8,000 ln ft of 36" microtunneling pipe on the War Industries Interceptor Project in Wichita, Kansas. The project will be completed in March, 2002.

 Can Clay's President, Mark Bruce, completes two year term as President of National Clay Pipe Institute, NCPI.
Mr. Bruce continues to remain active as a member of the board and is current Secretary Treasurer.
 New DENLOK Small Diameter Sizes - Higher Strength - Lower Costs Design.
Can Clay's DN150 6" (150mm) to DN450 18" (450 mm) diameter DENLOK jacking pipe offer highest strengths in their size class. Now the 8" (200 mm) DENLOK jacking pipes has over 200 tons of jacking capacity and a more economical to manufacture design.
See the press release
 World's Largest VCP jacking pipe announced by Can Clay Corporation.
Can Clay's DN1200 48" (1200mm) diameter, 10 ft length.  DENLOK jacking pipe provides over 3,000 tons of jacking capacity and long term corrosion resistance.
See the press release for more details.
 Can Clay Corporation Achieves ISO 9002 Quality Certification
Internationally recognized is the first for any Vitrified Clay Pipe Company in North America. See the press release

Media Coverage of Can Clay Corporation

bulletRecord Length Microtunneling Drive Using Vitrified Clay, NoDig International, September,1998
bulletA Microtunneling First in Indiana, Trenchless Technology Magazine, February, 1998
bulletCan Clay's Denlok Vitrified Clay Pipe Chosen for Indiana's First Microtunneling Job, NCPI Sewer Sense, July, 1998
bulletNoDig 2001 10th Anniversary Award
      Presented to Can Clay Corporation in Nashville, Tennessee on April 2, 2001.

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