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McGee Installation

     Can Clay manufactures long lasting vitrified clay pipe & structural materials to world class standards for the construction and utility industry,
Our quality and high performance designs are illustrated by successful projects in
Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.



Fireplace construction with McGee Throats is both fast and easy.

The fireplace throats are manufactured by the same methods used for manufacturing ceramic flue linings. The clay is vitrified at temperatures of 2000 degrees, insuring high temperature performance and guaranteed corrosion free long life.

Advantages for the Contractor

bulletFast and Easy construction
    Fireplaces have been constructed at a rate of two per 12 hour day for a 3 man crew
bulletNo Corbeling required over the firebox
    Eliminates this slow process completely
bulletLess skill required with the factory made throat which acts as a form
    Newer masonry crews require less supervision
bulletNo coating of corbeled bricks is necessary above firebox
    Many jurisdictions require a 1/2" mortar covering over the corbeled brick
    Fewer inspector call backs required where this mortar has failed to attach properly
bulletAbility to competitively price a complete masonry house with masonry fireplace
bulletHigher profit margin, more installations, less headaches


McGee Install1.jpg (9933 bytes)Photo 1:Photo 1:      Start Time 9:00 AM
The 3 man crew returns to the foundation which was completed the prior day after a night and early morning of rain.

They will be using a 8.5" X 13" McGee Throat to match up to a 8.5" X 13" Flue lining.



Photo 2:     Time 10:30
The crew has already laid up the fire box, 90 minutes after starting while installing the ash door and air intake during the process. 

The brickwork is now ready for installing the McGee Throat.McGee Install2.jpg (10223 bytes)







Photo 3:  Time 10:50
The crew has just installed each of the two halves of the throat into a mortar bed.

The throat eliminates the slow process of corbeling the brick above the firebox.

McGee Install3.jpg (10719 bytes)









Photo 4:  Time 10:50

The face plate for the 8.5" X 13" throat is now laid onto the sloped edge of the two halves of the throat.
The elapsed time to this point was only 1hour and 50 minutes.
No mortar face coating of corbeled bricks is necessary as per some jurisdictions.
No expensive inspector call backs are necessary when the face coatings lose their bond.

McGee Install4.jpg (14007 bytes)The fireplace and chimney is now ready to complete.

Three man crews have constructed to complete fireplaces with chimneys in 10 hours on site.

Fast and efficient the McGee way!      

Click for here for finished HH01206A.gif (1993 bytes)   fireplace photos.


For information on the McGee™ way of saving time and money request information HH01580A.gif (1311 bytes)click here.

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