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DENLOK Projects

     Can Clay manufactures long lasting vitrified clay pipe & structural materials to world class standards for the construction and utility industry,
Our quality and high performance designs are illustrated by successful projects in
Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

Maryland PushBurst

DENLOK Jacking Pipe has become the international standard for jacking pipes. With successful installations  in Barbados, Belgium, Brunei, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Kuwait, Singapore, United States and other countries:

Click here for DENLOK  dimensions and drawings

Highlight the locations for more specific information of some projects:  

bulletBrunei - Bandar Seri Begawan
Contractor - Hung Kee Plumbing
Material: 30" (750mm) DENLOK and 24" and 27" CanOLok
bulletBarbados, West Indies
Contractor - Fomente Cubitros
Material: 30" (750mm) DENLOK and smaller diameter
bullet Indiana, USA - Westfield (Indianapolis), Indiana
J. Edwards Drain Interceptor
Contractor - Bowen Engineering, Inc.
Engineer   - HNTB
Material: 24" (600mm) DENLOK
bullet Kentucky, USA - Louisville, Kentucky
Multiple Projects
Contractor - Robinson Construction, Inc.
Owner - Lousiville MSD
Material: 8" (200mm) & 18" (450mm) DENLOK
bullet Maryland, USA - Greenbelt, Maryland 
Washington Sanitary Sewer Commission
Contractor - Corman Construction, Inc.
Machine/Method - Tenbusch Replacement Method (TIM)
Material: 8" (200mm) DENLOK
bullet Wisconsin, USA - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee Jones Island Treatment Plant
Contractor - JayDee Construction, Inc.
Material: 8" (200mm)  DENLOK used as a casing
for air and pressure slurry lines to center of digester
bulletEgypt - Cairo
Greater Cairo Wastewater Project
Material: 24" (700mm) DENLOK
bulletGermany - Marzahn (Berlin)
Marzahn Psychiatric Hospital
Material: 20" (500mm) DENLOK
bullet Texas, USA - Houston, Texas
Plymouth Relief Sewer
Contractor - Kinsel Industries, Inc.
Engineer - Department of Pubic Works and Engineering
Material: 32" (800mm) DENLOK
bullet Virginia, USA - Alexandria, Virginia
Woodrow Wilson Bridge - I495 Improvement
Contractor: Corman Construction and Huxted Tunneling
Virginia DOT
Material: 42" (1100mm) Denlok

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