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     Can Clay manufactures long lasting vitrified clay pipe & structural materials to world class standards for the construction and utility industry,
Our quality and high performance designs are illustrated by successful projects in
Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.


Brunei's First Microtunneling Project

Brunei is the Islamic sultanate situated on the North Coast of Borneo.

It is bounded on the north by the South China Sea and on the other sides by the Malaysian state of Sarawak. The country has a vigorous modernization program.  

Brunei collage.jpg (30884 bytes)

     Top Photo: The magnificent mosque near the project site.
      Bottom Photo: The project site showing the project supervisor and James Luk of Hung Kee Plumbing (right)

James Luk the owner of Hung Kee Plumbing, a second generation company, suppling services and products for Brunei water and waste water needs. Hung Kee selected DENLOK vitrified clay jacking pipe for this countries first microtunneling project. DN750 30" (750 mm) DENLOK pipe was successfully used for the microtunneling portion in 2 meter lengths. Additionally, Can Clay's open trench CanOLok pipes were used in 24" (600mm) and 27" (700mm) sizes for other portions of the project.

The pipes were loaded into containers at Can Clay's Cannelton, Indiana, USA plant. Transportation included 2000 miles of railroad movement and over 7500 miles of ocean shipping beginning to the intermediate port of Singapore. The containers were then transloaded to a smaller vessel for the final 1000 miles to Bandar Seri Bagawan, the capital.

The project included both open cut and microtunneling using vitrified clay pipe for the Jatung Collection System expansion.

Microtunneling was suggested to eliminate the costs and disruption at highway crossings and to conquer the difficult wet marine sediments.

Some Advantages of Denlok Vitrified Clay Pipe:

bulletHighest Corrosion resistance of all products
bulletHigh Jacking Strengths
bulletPrecision machined ends with a maximum of 0.040" ( 1mm) end squareness tolerance.
bulletFactory made and supplied fine particle board packing (compression) rings for load distribution
bulletBeveled stainless steel joint sleeve for ease of installation and long life
bulletHigh performance seals for high external heads and air tight joints
bulletMade to EN 295-7 and ASTM C 1208
bulletManufactured under an internationally recognized and certified quality system to ISO 9001 standards




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