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     Can Clay manufactures long lasting vitrified clay pipe & structural materials to world class standards for the construction and utility industry,
Our quality and high performance designs are illustrated by successful projects in
Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.



Barbados's First Microtunneling Project

The Barbados Water Authority envisioned the future need of their West Indian island nation. Barbados is located approximately 1000 miles (1600 km) north of the equator and west of the Lesser Antilles.

The country has experienced rapid growth and increased development. Tourism, sugar and molasses dominate the economy.

The Barbados Water Authority's South Coast Project includes the expansion and modernization of the waste water collections systems.

DENLOK jacking pipe has been used extensively on the project, with good results.

    Stephen Lindo, Engineer In Charge, Barbados Water Authority -                    
                "......the microtunneling contractor's performance has been good....."

Numerous sizes of DENLOK were used on this project with the largest being DN750 - 30" ( 750 mm) X 2 meters.

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