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About McGee Bros.

     Can Clay manufactures long lasting vitrified clay pipe & structural materials to world class standards for the construction and utility industry,
Our quality and high performance designs are illustrated by successful projects in
Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.



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McGee Brothers Company, Inc.
4608 Carriker Road
Monroe, NC 28110
Phone: 704/753-4582
Fax:     704/753-1262

McGee Brothers is a family owned and operated masonry construction business started in the 1970's. The family members started working together as one masonry crew.

Today, McGee Brothers continue to grow as a family business with help from the second generation family members. They now have more than 200 masonry crews working in the Southeastern part of the United States.

The McGee™ Fireplace Throat innovation came from the desire to improve fireplace construction techniques. The company is well known for many other innovations in the masonry construction field.

Can Clay Corporation has licensed the patent to the McGee™ Throat and now offers the products through its distributors throughout the eastern half of the United States.


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