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Specs & Tools

     Can Clay manufactures long lasting vitrified clay pipe & structural materials to world class standards for the construction and utility industry,
Our quality and high performance designs are illustrated by successful projects in
Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.


Note: For complete use of some of the following information you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader, free by clicking

Download the following files for your use and review. 
These files are self expanding "zip" files in most cases, just double click to open after downloading to your computer.

bullet  Jacking Pipe Specification using Can Clay Denlok pipe for use as an insert into Project Specifications, editable Microsoft Word (".doc") format. 

bulletDimension comparison for various American and European pipe manufacturing standards.

bullet    Drive Analysis Form for determining the relative pipe to pipe joint steering based upon the drive information supplied by a microtunneling contractor of the as built drive. This Excel spreadsheet will help illustrate high rates of steering even when the grade and alignment readings are well within tolerance.

bullet  Joint Load Deflection Calculator, an Excel spreadsheet helps the understanding and prediction of the allowable amount of steering before the pipe rating can be exceeded. The spreadsheet is independent of pipe material, but dependant upon the finely ground particle board material which is used by Can Clay for cushion material. Estimation of the prior loadings must be made. Notes in the spreadsheet help proper use. (In Excel on your toolbar select "View" / "Comments" on in your spreadsheet).            
bulletCushion Ring made of particle board information link (not downloadable).

bulletStructural Calculation of Driven Pipes is an Excel spreadsheet that uses the ATV (German Standard) to calculate the safety factor of pipes installed by microtunneling and other jacking pipe methods. The variable are pipe material, wall thickness of pipe, loadings from highway, rail or airplanes, soil types and water depth relative to pipe.

bulletSlurry Microtunneling Project Specifications for projects using slurry type microtunneling machine, extracts as MS Word editable document

bulletPilot Tube Microtunneling Specifications for projects using pilot tube (guided boring) type microtunneling machines, extracts as MS Word editable document

bulletPush Bursting/Pipe Bursting Replacement Project Specifications for using Push Bursting by the TIM (Tenbusch Insertion Method) and other Pipe Bursting methods for upsizing or replacement of existing damaged pipe without open trenches.

bulletPipe Testing Specifications suitable for jacking pipe projects.

bulletPipe Flow Comparisons of Vitrified Clay pipe and pvc pipe in actual use in sewerage applications. Derived from CPDA (UK) research showing the influence of sliming in actual flow characteristics as opposed to the theoretical clean water laboratory information frequently supplied.

bulletMicrotunneling Footage Graph in US of projects showing the relative use of different types of pipe materials in North America, from Trenchless Technology Institute, Louisiana Tech University.

bullet"ASCE Standard Construction Guidelines for Microtunneling" were developed for microtunneling project design and construction by over 50 industry experts representing the interests of owners, designers, contractors, universities and manufacturers. It contains 89 pages of important details to assist everyone in completing microtunneling projects successfully. To order a copy go to American Society of Civil Engineers or contact Can Clay Corporation at sales@canclay.com to find out how to get a copy.

bullet"ATV Rules and Standards - Structural Calculations for Driven Pipes" provides analysis and calculation basis for determining post construction loads on jacked pipes. The variables include pipe material type, surface loadings (i.e. rail, highway, airport, etc), soil type, water table, depth and diameter. Basis for the Excel spreadsheet tool - "Structural Calculation of Driven Pipes".

bullet NCPI Tool Box  from the National Clay Pipe Institute computer programs for determining Life Cycle Costs, Hydraulic Flows using Manning's Coefficients, Bedding Cost Comparisons and Trench/Pipe Loads.

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