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CanOLok Pipe

     Can Clay manufactures long lasting vitrified clay pipe & structural materials to world class standards for the construction and utility industry,
Our quality and high performance designs are illustrated by successful projects in
Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America.

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36" CanOLokKey Advantages

bulletLong Term Corrosion Resistance
bulletCenturies of Performance, ask about Can Clay's 100 Year Guarantee
bulletHighest Abrasion Resistance against Cleaning and Steep Grades
bulletRigid Pipe Barrel Maintains its Shape and Does Not Deform
bulletProven Design, Many Products have come and gone, Clay is Here to Stay
bulletJoints exceed 10 psi pressure, ASTM C 425 and Greenbook Standards

Can Clay's rigid vitrified clay pipe is equipped with flexible joints having a high dimensional tolerance and specially compounded polyester resins combined with an elastomeric seal. CanOLok™ vitrified clay pipe conforms to ASTM C 700 for EXTRA STRENGTH. CanOLok™ compression joint's conforms to the ASTM C 425. The results are a precision joint water and air tight joint which compliments the corrosion free and structurally rigid pipe barrel.

Vitrified Clay Pipe - Legendary Long Term Performance

Many sewer lines were installed during the last 150 years in the U. S. Industry estimates for total VCP installations are over 1Billion miles                            
The vast majority of these VCP lines are still hard at work, functioning to the design requirements of their time.

Comparison of Properties of Sewer Pipe Materials for Service Life  


Since the mid 1950's the requirement for treatment of effluent has become universal in the United States. Prior to this time it was acceptable to have joints in all types of sanitary sewers that were not water tight. These older lines sometimes were planned to have infiltration, providing for dilution of the effluent and less septic conditions.

A 1935 Metcalf and Eddy Engineering Company study showed that 98% of larger cities used dilution as a method for "treatment". This is no longer acceptable in the United States and most other countries.

New modern joints and manufacturing processes resulting in products such as Can Clay's CanOLok vitrified clay pipe exceeds the requirements of the ASTM C 828, "The Standard Method for Low-Pressure Air Testing of Vitrified Clay Pipe." This standard is performed on installed gravity lines and ensures water and air tight performance.

CanOLok Literature

CanOLok Brochure pdf                                            CanOLok at Notre Dame.
CanOLok Brochure                              

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CanOLok Fittings - available in many standard and custom configurations

CanOLok Tee and Wye Fittings pdf                    CanOLok 24"bends Export to Brunei, Southeast Asia
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Ask about Can Clay's 100 Year Vitrified Clay Pipe Guarantee.

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